Your Financial Mentor is a Financial Information and Education Service.

What We Don’t Do

  • We don’t sell or promote any products other than our service
  • We do not give specific financial or investment advice
  • We do not make recommendations on strategies or products
  • We are not aligned with or owned by any large financial institution
  • Your Financial Mentor is not responsible for any decisions made by people utilising our information service – Our clients make their own decisions
  • Our service is not free (other than an initial brief intro discussion while any offer is valid) and our clients are happy to pay a value for money, upfront fee plus GST
  • We cannot give specific tax or legal advice

What We Do Well

  • Help our clients understand financial concerns that enable them to make their own financial decisions
  • Assist people to reach their own financial goals by guiding them through complex rules and regulations
  • Provide general discussion around the pro’s and con’s of various financial and investment structures and strategies
  • Identify whether our client may need professional specific advice in certain areas and if required and requested, provide a referral to a suitably qualified practitioner that will suit their needs.
    For Example:
    – Accountant or Tax Agent
    – Lawyer or Legal Assistance
    – Finance Broker or Mortgage Consultant
    – Licensed Financial Planner or Stock Broker Service
    – Local No Cost Government Service for Assistance if available
  • Make available an ongoing coaching and mentoring service if required/requested
  • Give general information presentations to companies, groups and organisations to help members or employees better understand all things financial


Your Financial Mentor empowers every day Australians to take control of their own financial future