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Contact us to arrange a confidential one hour consultation by phone or Skype.
Face to face meetings may be available in the CBD and Metropolitan Area of Adelaide.

One Hour Consultation

$180.00 ex GST

  • We will email or post you a pre-consultation pack before the appointment with an information summary. We ask that you fill this out and email or send it back with payment required before your appointment. (Please see Payment Options for more)
  • You will need to sign a letter of engagement contained in the pack before the appointment outlining what is agreed to and confirms your understanding we cannot give specific advice or recommendations regarding your personal situation and this is an information and general discussion session only
  • The above fee includes a follow up email from us to you after the appointment, allowing for a brief response and further question or information required from you. It may be beneficial to initially supply statements of any existing finances (eg. super, investments, insurance, loans) that you require discussion on
  • You may be entitled to our Quarterly Newsletter at no charge.
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Ongoing Mentoring Plans

We provide an ongoing coaching/mentoring service to help you get through certain periods in your life, and assist you in reaching your financial goals.

3 Month Plan
$450 ex GST entitles you to:

  • 3 x One hour sessions
  • 3 x Follow up emails for the duration of your plan
  • Your Financial Mentor Quarterly Newsletter – Ongoing

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12 Month Plan
$1800 ex GST entitles you to:

  • Initial 1.5 hour consultation session
  • 4 x One hour sessions (usually quarterly) over a 12 month period
  • Email and phone contact over a 12 month period
  • Your Financial Mentor Quarterly Newsletter – Ongoing
  • Extra information on topical strategies and changes in financial rules, regulations and procedures
  • Personal Life Coaching within the same time/session framework outlined above, if required and requested

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All fees to be paid upfront before your first appointment by Debit Card, Credit Card or EFT

Please note: Payment is made upfront for the time, expertise and effort involved by Your Financial Mentor, not the content or information provided in any form of communication (verbal or written) attached to the relevant service package chosen. Consequently any refund, full or partial,  would only apply if the initial consultation was cancelled in advance or did not proceed for any reason. Once the initial consultation is commenced any fee will not be refunded.


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