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Want to learn about investing, debt reduction, superannuation or anything financial? You’re in the right place. Welcome to Your Financial Mentor, the financial information service Adelaide trusts. We’re a boutique financial firm focused on mentoring clients in areas including retirement planning, investments, self-managed super, wealth protection and smart money management. We offer our wealth of industry experience and knowledge to help you make a well-informed decision about your financial needs. We can provide an ongoing coaching/mentoring service to help you get through certain periods in your life and assist you in reaching your financial goals. Take your first step towards financial independence by arranging a confidential phone, Skype, video or face-to-face consultation with the best personal money mentor Adelaide has to offer.

What is Financial Mentoring?

Your Financial Mentor Adelaide is a financial expert and educator in most financial areas, helping you to learn more about topics such as debt reduction, investing, retirement and super. Our mentors draw on their experience and have appropriate tools and techniques acquired from accredited coaches and courses. Think of us as a money-oriented life coach rather than a traditional financial planner. We don’t try to sell you anything. What we can provide is factual information as well as support and understanding around financial planning principles such as :

  • Updates on Financial Rules and Regulations
  • Investing and Asset Classes
  • Budgeting, Cash Flow and Borrowing
  • Superannuation and Tax Implications
  • Retirement Planning and Centrelink Issues
  • Estate Planning and Structures
  • Savings Plans and Education Funding
  • Personal Insurance Strategies
  • Smart Money Management


Planner, Adviser or Money Mentor Adelaide

Getting clear about the specific financial services that you’re seeking will help you to determine the right individual to handle your finances, so let’s break it down. In short, any professional that can help you manage your money can be considered a financial advisor. A financial planner is licensed to give specific advice, recommends strategies and can sell investment, retirement, superannuation and insurance products. In comparison, a financial mentor does not sell or recommend anything but can provide general information regarding a wide range of financial issues and can discuss the pro and cons of strategies that are pertinent to each particular client, enabling them to make their own decisions.

Take Control of Your Financial Future

We all have different goals as well as obstacles that are keeping us from achieving those goals. As a personal money mentor, we help people of all ages with their financial literacy. As your financial mentors, we’ll be there every step of the way in ensuring that all your financial knowledge requirements have been satisfied. Offering one-to-one consultations, our budgeting mentor Adelaide clients have access to our in-depth financial knowledge and complete attention in discussing possible options for you. We guide you through the maze of complex rules and regulations, assisting you in reaching your financial goals. Get the timely financial information you need to make better decisions. Contact us and let us help grow your financial wisdom.

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“We mentor our clients by helping them understand financial matters that are important to them and pass on our knowledge so they can make their own decisions regarding their financial goals”